€1 billion export contribution to over 100 markets
62,000 Jobs
The Drink Industry makes a major contribution to the Irish economy
The Drink Industry has a central role in Irish tourism         

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Jobs, jobs, jobs

The drinks industry in Ireland accounts directly and indirectly for 62,000 jobs.

These jobs are spread across all sectors of the industry: manufacturing, supply, services and hospitality, as well as those who work directly for individual companies and businesses. These jobs are widely dispersed throughout Ireland.

This means that the drinks industry provides employment for a range of people from the barman and waitress to the production factory worker, the off-licence employee and the tourist centre guide.

At the same time, the drinks industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. The economic downturn and changes in lifestyle are impacting on our industry and these changes are accelerating.


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In this section you can read the relevant research that outlines the extent of our contribution to the Irish economy, both through the numbers we employ and the amount of revenue we raise for the State through tax and export levies.

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